Using your Trabasack as a Kindle Bag

Using your Trabasack as a Kindle Bag

Kindle in its case on a Trabasack

EReaders are amongst the most popular modern gadgets currently available and have revolutionised reading as a past time. Unlike tablets and other devices, a specifically designed eReader utilises E-Ink which allows for comfortable reading almost identical to a normal book and your eyes are strained by unnecessary backlighting or glare.

The most popular eReader which has surpassed all sales estimates is produced by multinational online retailers Amazon. The Amazon Kindle is a brilliant, innovative and well designed eReader and since purchasing mine I do not know where I’d be without it. It’s brilliant for reading in bed, for recipes in the kitchen and most importantly, when I am on the go. It holds over 3000 books so rather than lugging around my library, I can carry every title I want in one device. I’ll never totally give up my “real” books but my Kindle is a fantastically convenient device for when I’m on the move.

Trabasack’s fantastic lap tray is brilliant for using your Kindle on the move

Your Kindle can be used easily on your Trabasack

As Kindles aren’t cheap, you need to keep them well protected. My Kindle has both a protective screen cover and a holding case, much like a book jacket, to keep it protected when I’m using but when travelling and not using it, I keep it in my Trabasack. My Trabasack has had many uses since I bought it but it works fantastically as a safe and secure storage place for my treasured Kindle. My Trabasack’s sturdy tray surface is also fantastic when commuting as I can read from my Kindle, safely hold my drink and not have to worry about anything falling off or over. The tray surface allows me to read comfortably on days when finding a table seat is difficult and I don’t have to worry about trying to hold too many things at once.

My Trabasack is a brilliant Kindle bag and it means I can carry my Kindle with space for others files or anything else I may need.

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